Manhole Repair and Manhole Rehabilitation

manhole repair

Trac Trenching works with many local agencies and private developers to maintain their storm drain, sewer system, manhole repair and manhole maintenance.

We use our patented pending process to cut and remove asphalt or concrete surface around the manhole. We then rebuild the structure to grade then pour back to grade to complete the manhole repair process. Trac has recently worked with Jackson County road commission to rebuild many local curb storm drains and manholes that have deteriorated over the years. Trac has also completed a job on i94 in Jackson and i96 in Brighton with MDOT to rehab and rebuild mainholes, storm drain structures, and to bring them to grade. Fall of 2010 Trac Trenching worked with MDOT and C&D Hughes on a 90 structure adjustment project in Owosso Michigan. Manhole repair, maintenance and rehabilitation is one of our specialties, let us bring our custom equipment and patent pending manhole repair processes to your location. We work with private companies and municipalities throughout the state and can efficiently adjust or rebuild your manhole structures.

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